CSCW 2012 Paper and Notes Review Process

Monday, February 13, 14:00–15:30 in Grand B

Gloria Mark, John Riedl, Jonathan Grudin

Presentation and discussion of the paper and notes review process and its actual and potential consequences.

Impact of CSCW: Looking Back 10 and 20 Years

Monday, February 13, 16:00–17:40 in Grand B

Moderator: Jonathan Grudin

Most cited paper of CSCW 1992: Awareness and Coordination in Shared Workspaces
Authors: Paul Dourish and Victoria Bellotti, Introduced by: Tom Finholt

Most cited paper of CSCW 2002: Instant Messaging in Teen Life
Authors: Beki Grinter and Leysia Palen, Introduced by: Andrea Forte

Many CSCW papers have been heavily cited. This session examines the most influential papers from 20 and 10 years ago. After an introduction that places each in its historical context and describes the pattern of subsequent citations, the authors will speak about their experience and solicit audience perspectives or questions.

Town Hall Meeting

Tuesday, February 14, 16:00–17:30 in Grand EFGH

The CSCW Town Hall Meeting is a time dedicated for the CSCW steering committee to interact with members of the CSCW community who will attend CSCW 2012, harnessing their interests, and addressing their concerns about future directions of the CSCW conference. All are welcome.