Advance Program | Interactive Posters

Accepted Posters

Monday, February 13, 18:00–20:30 & Tuesday, February 14, 10:00–11:00 in Evergreen Ballroom
  • Local Experts and Online Review Sites
    Judd Antin, Marco de Sa, Elizabeth F. Churchill
  • Designing a Facilitator's Cockpit for an Idea Management System
    Marcos Baez
  • Ad-itudes: Twitter Users & Advertising
    Andrew L. Brooks, Coye Cheshire
  • From Heavyweight Framework to Lightweight Patchwork.
    Ibrahim Cakir, Mateusz Dolata, Kashyap Todi
  • "Hey Doc, Is that Your Stethoscope?" Increasing Engagement in Medical Education and Training with iPads
    Sally A. Coovert, Adam Ducey, Mark Grichanik, Michael D. Coovert, Robert Nelson
  • Normative Communication Processes and Associated Emotion in Mobile Health Groups
    Mary Beth Deline, Eric P. S. Baumer, Geri Gay
  • Social Overlays: Augmenting Existing UIs with Social Cues
    Tao Dong, Mark S. Ackerman, Mark W. Newman
  • Normative Multi-agent Approach to Support Collaborative Work in Distributed Tangible Environments
    Catherine Garbay, Fabien Badeig, Jean Caelen
  • "I need help!" Exploring Collaboration in the Car
    Nicole Gridling, Alexander Meschtscherjakov, Manfred Tscheligi
  • Modeling Problem Difficulty and Expertise in StackOverflow
    Ben Hanrahan, Gregorio Convertino, Les Nelson
  • Time as a Trigger of Interaction and Collaboration in Research Teams: A Diary Study
    Muge Haseki, Chirag Shah, Roberto Gonzalez-Ibanez
  • Social Networking Technologies and Organizational Knowledge Sharing as a Sociotechnical Ecology
    Mohammad Hossein Jarrahi, Steve Sawyer
  • Connecting Artefacts of R&D Teams to Their Routines: How Boundary Objects are Created and Used
    Aaron Houssian
  • Using Design Patterns in Collaborative Interaction Design Processes
    Claudia Iacob
  • Variations in the Surgical Patient Trajectory: Challenges for Coordination
    Tobias Buschmann Iversen, Line Melby, Andreas Dypvik Landmark, Pieter Toussaint
  • Using Diversity within the Crowd
    Durga M. Kandasamy, Kristal Curtis, Armando Fox, David Patterson
  • Collaboration and Multimedia: Identifying Equilibrium in the MDT Information Ecosystem
    Bridget Kane, Saturnino Luz
  • Do Collaborators' Annotations Help or Hurt Asynchronous Analysis?
    Ruogo Kang, Sara Kiesler
  • From High Connectivity to Social Isolation: Communication Practices of Older Adults in the Digital Age
    Azmina Karimi, Carman Neustaedter
  • How Research Funding Affects Data Sharing
    Karina Kervin, Margaret Hedstrom
  • Framing Creative Uses for Describing Cases of Appropriation
    Hyangah Kim, Woohun Lee
  • Of Joy and Gender: Emotional Expression in Online Social Networks
    Funda Kivran-Swaine, Sam Brody, Nicholas Diakopoulos, Mor Naaman
  • Repair Now: Collaboration between Maintainers, Operators and Equipment in a Cleanroom
    Patricia M. Kluckner, Roland Buchner, Astrid Weiss, Manfred Tscheligi
  • The Effect to Quality of Creativity with Sampling Partial Data from a Large Number of Idea Cards
    Tomohiro Kokogawa, Yuji Maeda, Toshihiro Ajiki, Junko Itou, Jun Munemori
  • Timeliner: Supporting Collaborative Scientific Writing
    David Lamas, Vladimir Tomberg, Mart Laanpere
  • Effects of Context-Sensitive Delays on Group Dynamics in 3D Virtual Worlds
    Shaimaa Lazem, Denis Gracanin, Steve Harrison
  • Highly Sought After: SL Continued Use
    Peyina Lin, Natascha Karlova, John Marino, Michael B. Eisenberg
  • Designing Interventions to Reduce Psychological Distance in Globally Distributed Teams
    Jennifer Marlow, Laura Dabbish
  • Glitter: A Mixed-methods Study of Twitter Use during Glee Broadcasts
    Kimra McPherson, Kai Huotari, F. Yo-Shang Cheng, David Humphrey, Coye Cheshire, Andrew L. Brooks
  • Bribecaster: Documenting Bribes Through Community Participation
    Manas Mittal, Wei Wu, Sam Madden, Björn Hartmann
  • Use Trend Analysis of Twitter after the Great East Japan Earthquake
    Mai Miyabe, Asako Miura, Eiji Aramaki
  • See It: A Scalable Location-Based Game for Promoting Physical Activity Game
    Carman Neustaedter, Tejinder K. Judge
  • Minority Voices of Crowdsourcing: Why We Should Pay Attention to Every Member of the Crowd
    Jennifer Noble
  • Dazzle: Supporting Framing in Co-Located Design Teams Through Remote Collaboration Tools
    Lora Oehlberg, Jasmine Jones, Björn Hartmann
  • "Who should I talk to?" Fostering a Spontaneous F2F Interaction in a Conference
    Kyunghui Oh, Yoon Suk Lee
  • Are You Exposed? Conveying Information Exposure
    Sameer Patil, Apu Kapadia
  • Measuring Distributed Affect in Collaborative Games
    Daniel Perry, Cecilia Aragon
  • Expression of Emotion in IM
    Afarin Pirzadeh, Mark S. Pfaff
  • Tweeting for Class: Using Social Media to Enable Student Co-Construction of Lectures
    Daniela Retelny, Jeremy Birnholtz, Jeffrey Hancock
  • Predicting Length of Membership in Online Community "Everything2" Using Positive and Negative Feedback
    Chandan Sarkar, Donghee Yvette Wohn, Cliff Lampe
  • SWAicons: Spoken Web Audio Icons – Design, Implications and Evaluation
    Saurabh Shrivastava, Nitendra Rajput, Gururaj Mahajan
  • Newcomer Integration and Learning in OSS Technical Support Communities
    Vandana Singh, Sheetija Kathuria, Aditya Johri
  • Let Me Draw You a Picture: Coordination in Image-enabled Conversation
    Jaime Snyder
  • Social Media and Success in Open Source Projects
    Jason Tsay, Laura Dabbish, James Herbsleb
  • Twitter Communications in Mass Emergency: Contributions to Situational Awareness
    Sarah Vieweg
  • Exploring Automation in Digital Tabletop Board Games
    James R. Wallace, Joseph Pape, Yu-Ling Betty Chang, Phillip J. McClelland, T.C. Nichaloas Graham, Stacey D. Scott, Mark Hancock
  • A Collaborative Sketch Animation Creation System on Mobile Devices
    Danli Wang, Li Shen, Hongan Wang
  • A Blog in Perspectives of Social Practice Theory
    Hiroko Wilensky, David Redmiles
  • Evaluating PresenceScape: a 3D virtual world application to support social awareness and informal communication in distributed teams
    Koen Willaert, Zhe Lou, Sigurd Van Broeck, An Jacobs
  • Mobility in Online Communities: A Case Study of Mobile BBS in Use in China
    Huanhuan Xia, Xianghua Ding, Tun Lu, Qi Wang, Ning Gu
  • Rationale Flower: a Visualization Tool for Identifying Hidden Profiles in Instant Messaging
    Lu Xiao
  • Duckling: Towards Cloud Service for Scientific Collaboration System
    Jianjun Yu, Kevin Dong, Kai Nan

Interactive Posters Co-Chairs

Cecilia Aragon, University of Washington
Hilda Tellioglu, Vienna University of Technology