Advance Program | Demonstrations

Accepted Demos

Monday, February 13, 18:00–20:30 & Tuesday, February 14, 10:00–11:00 in Evergreen Ballroom
  • Dotastic: achieving goals by socializing tasks
    Sameer Halai, Shelly Farnham, Greg Melander, Nathan Roberton, Craig Jenson, Flynn Joffray
  • Improving Remote Collaboration through Side-by-Side Telepresence
    Paul Tanner, Varnali Shah
  • LACOME: a multi-user collaboration system for shared large displays
    Russell MacKenzie, Kirstie Hawkey, Kellogg S. Booth, Zhangbo Liu, Presley Perswain, Sukhveer S. Dhillon
  • A Pen-Based Toolkit for Authoring Collaborative Language Activities
    Anne Marie Piper, Nadir Weibel, James D. Hollan
  • Photoshop with Friends: A synchronous Learning Community for Graphic Design
    Juho Kim, Benjamin Malley, Joel Brandt, Mira Dontcheva, Diana Joseph, Krzysztof Z. Gajos, Robert C. Miller
  • PixIO: Sharing any surface
    Tom Blank, Sasa Junuzovic, Kori Inkpen Quinn, Anoop Gupta
  • SaNDVis: Visual Social Network Analytics for the Enterprise
    Adam Perer, Ido Guy
  • Public Curation of a Historic Collection: A means for speaking safely in public
    Trond Nielsen, Nell Carden Grey, Batya Friedman
  • MyEBSP: Mashup Gadgets to Calendar Events
    Zhenzhen Zhao, Sirsha Bhattarai, Ji Liu, Noel Crespi

Demonstrations Co-Chairs

Danyel Fisher, Microsoft Research
Luigina Ciolfi, University of Limerick