Call for Participation | Videos

***Note: Deadlines and Submission Instructions Have Changed***


  • 23 September 2011, 5:00 PM PDT: Abstract and storyboard submissions due via email
  • *Deadline extended*
  • 30 September 2011: Notification of preliminary acceptance
  • 4 November 2011: Video submission due
  • 1 December 2011: Final versions of videos and abstracts due for publication in the conference companion

The CSCW Videos provides researchers with opportunities to present their cutting-edge work in an interactive fashion in front of an expert audience. Videos are ideally suited to demonstrate the practical application of research results and the functionality of CSCW systems, visualize the outcome of research and development projects, or describe inspiring visions of future systems that are grounded in today′s reality. The Videos Program provides a venue to present work that involves dynamic interaction, ranging from demonstrations of new systems to complex aspects of group communication and work practice. CSCW 2012 will accept both standalone full videos and video figures which illustrate papers in the Papers and Notes programs. Potential topics include, but definitely are not limited to:

  • demonstrations of innovative research prototypes
  • demonstrations of innovative aspects of commercial systems
  • studies of work practice that have implications for CSCW
  • retrospective collections of significant CSCW fields of work
  • visions of future technologies

Accepted videos will be shown during the conference; the most highly rated videos will be featured at a prominent venue. Videos will be distributed at the conference to attendees. Abstracts of videos will be published in the ACM Digital Library and distributed to attendees as part of the Conference Extended Abstracts.

Video submissions should be self-explanatory, in other words, they should not require the viewer to read the abstract. Videos will be judged primarily on the clarity of their presentation and the structure and quality of their content, with fancy effects being a welcome but secondary consideration.

Examples of Successful Videos

UIST 2009

Interaction Techniques and Tabletop Coordination
CSCW 2005

I/O Brush
CHI 2006

Seamless Media Design
CSCW 1994

CSCW 2000

GroupKit - A Groupware Toolkit
CSCW 1994

Submission Guidelines

Note: We have changed the submission and review process.

Submissions will include three parts:

  1. An abstract, in English, that briefly notes the contents of the video and describes how it fits the CSCW literature and audience. Abstracts should be two pages maximum in the Extended Abstract Format. If you are submitting a video illustration that accompanies a Paper, Note, or Demonstration, please make that clear in the abstract. Abstracts should be submitted in PDF format.
  2. A storyboard that shows what the content of the video will be. Storyboards should be seen as a draft of the video that will allow the reviewers to see that you have thought through how you will present your content on screen. Storyboards will be used for the initial review, but will not be published. As such, while the storyboard should clearly convey what will be in the video, we will not consider drawing quality and artistic talent in the review (stick figures and sketches are just fine). Storyboards should be submitted in PDF format. For more information about storyboards, see or
  3. A video in digital format. We request that you make your digital submissions in Apple Quicktime, Windows Media Format, MPEG, or DV-AVI. Videos may be no longer than five minutes. Because CSCW is an international event, we are happy to accept videos in languages other than English; however, these videos must include English subtitles to increase their accessibility to reviewers and the audience.

Video Submission Instructions

This year we are using a 2-phase submission process in order to allow more time to produce videos and make it easier to incorporate reviewers' comments into the final submission.

Phase 1: Abstract and Storyboard, due 9 September 2011, 5:00 PM PDT

E-mail your abstract and a storyboard of your video in PDF format to . If files are larger than 10MB, please do not attach to e-mail, but send a link where we can download the file(s). We will review your abstract and storyboard, and make a decision by 30 September 2011. Acceptances at this stage will be conditional on submission of an acceptable video, although we anticipate that all conditional acceptances will receive final acceptance.

Phase 2: Full Video, due 4 November 2011

If your abstract receives a conditional acceptance, you must submit the video by 4 November 2011. We will include instructions for submitting your video with the conditional acceptances. Videos will be reviewed for:

  • Technical aspects (encoding, resolution, size, adequate sound and video quality)
  • General adherence to the abstract
  • Storytelling – the content must be clearly presented and understandable.

You will be notified by 10 November 2011 if your video is acceptable or if changes are required.

Final Versions of Video and Abstract due 21 November 2011.

Additional Help for Video Editing

Several packages are available to help you author your videos. Free authoring packages are included in both Windows (Windows Movie Maker) and MacOS (iMovie) platforms. Tutorials can be found here:

We further encourage you to look at this guide to a successful video submission (though note that for CSCW 2011 there is a five-minute limit).

Please send any and all questions to .

Video Co-Chairs

Pernille Bjørn, IT University of Copenhagen
Matthew Bietz, University of California